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Saturday, March 17th, 2012

Hidden Dublin Walks are constantly striving to make our Haunted history Dublin Toursthe most accurate and genuine in Dublin. We dont do humour on this tour!

We are pleased to be the only haunted tour in Dublin associated with the Irish Parnormal Society who regularly participate in and contribute to our tour.

“We are very pleased to be working with Hidden Dublin Walks, they take a serious and respectful approach to paranormal Dublin providing insight and balance in this historically accurate tour which gives visitors as real an experience as possible.” – Darren Ansell (Chairman)

The Aim of the Irish Parnormal Society

Although the group is constantly evolving and changing focus, the main aim is to investigate reports of alleged paranormal occurences and abilities, taking a balanced and fresh approach in each case where they feel they may be of help, or where this will assist with their own research. The group also spend time debunking claims of the paranormal, where after exhausting all possibilities no supporting evidence can be found, or indeed where evidence to the contrary is uncovered.
Irish Parnormal Society - In association with Hidden Dublin Walks

The IPS spend their time on research, experimentation and investigating claims of paranormal ability. If you feel you have any kind of ability they would be delighted to speak to you.If you are experiencing unsettling events at home and have exhausted all other possibilities, they invite you to contact the team for advice.

IPS, which was formed in late 2005 is a dedicated team of paranormal investigators and researchers, some with many years experience. The team pride ourselves in our professional approach to this subject and our determination in trying to understand the paranormal.

The team take very seriously their research into the subject and are continually looking at new scientific equipment, investigation methods and spirit communication.

The Motto of ther IPS is – “Continuing to target the truth”

Knowledge & Training

Although there is no academic qualification to becoming a paranormal investigatior, members of the Society are required to be aware of and understand the popular beliefs and theories held in the vast area of the paranormal. Training also includes many hours spent on investigations, where they must demonstrate the ability to research, survey, investigate, analyse and draw conclusion from their findings, remaining impartial and keeping an open and unbiased mind at all times. Only after they have proven to be proficient in the use of all equipment and capable of carrying out such investigations will individuals be given the role of PSI Investigator.