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Ian Lawman – Exorcist And Psychic Medium Tour

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Ian Lawman Tour

Don’t miss Ian Lawman’s first ever event in Ireland! Séance at the Workhouse on Sat 28th May | 7.30pm – 12am

Best known for such shows as ‘I’m famous & frightened’, ‘Most Haunted’ and ‘Living with the Dead’, Ian Lawman is one of the UK’s most uniquely styled and intriguing Psychic Mediums. Preferring not to conform to what is generally expected of the mainstream psychics, this is what gives Ian his edge both on and off screen. Seen as the ‘Bad Boy’ of the Psychic world he aims to put on a show which skirts with controversy and which will be sure to keep the audience on the edge of their seats!

There is no better setting for such an event than the Limavady Workhouse, steeped in it’s history of brutality and cruelty since it’s opening in 1842, this building echoes the cries of the former inmates who were often subjected to unimaginable acts of cruelty, for such benine deeds as ‘making too much noise’ or ‘reviling the Master/Matron’. The Workhouse has been investigated previously by PSI Ireland and featured on Episode 4 of BBC1′s ‘Northern Ireland’s Greatest Haunts’ featuring none other than Darren & Tony from Red Moon Events.

Running from 7.30pm to 12am, the evenings Itinery will include the following:

* Meet & Greet with wine reception

* Introduction & History of the Workhouse

* Discussion from Ian on his TV work as a Psychic Medium/Exorcist including his experience during ‘Buried Alive’

* Q&A session with Ian

* Edwardian style buffet

* Participate in ghost hunting vigils,

* Live EVP Experiments

* Edwardian Séance demonstration

Early Bird ticket price for this event is ONLY £45 per person, available exclusively online (Standard price £55). (Please note that tickets purchased for all Red Moon Events are Non-Refundable). CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE NOW

Ian is currently taking part in Buried Alive as he takes on a challenge that is everyone’s fear. In a small coffin shaped box, Ian will be buried six feet under in the grounds of the notoriously haunted and historic Dudley Castle in the West Midlands.

For seven days from 1st to 8th April 2011 he will be underground to raise money for a fantastic charity, the PC David Rathband’s Blue Lamp Foundation. He will be pushing the boundaries of the human endurance as he lays buried under nearly two tons of soil in the pitch black. Watch in on the action and interact with Ian and the organisers below and be sure to donate some money to this very worthwhile cause. Ian will be discussing his experience during buried alive at the event on 28th May.



“It’s going to be an amazing experience!”

CELEBRITY psychic medium Ian Lawman has spoke of his excitement at visiting the Roe Valley for a forthcoming paranormal event which is taking place at the former Limavady Workhouse site on May 28.

Speaking exclusively to The Northern Constitution this week, Ian said: “I’m really excited about coming over to Ireland and working there for the first time and also working with Red Moon Events. It’s going to be an amazing experience for all involved!”

Ian will be the special guest at the event, organised by Red Moon Events, which will include talks, discussions, experiments and investigations at the reportedly haunted location.

The youngest of two children, Ian is a well-known figure in the world of the unknown and paranormal. He hails from a small steel town in the North East of England and comes from a down to earth working class background.
From a very young age, he realised he was very different to other children, seeing people and hearing voices that no one else could and his parents put it down to imaginary friends and something he would grow out of.

It wasn’t until he lost his best friend Paul at the age of 15 when he realised that he had a very special gift. The night of Paul’s death, he visited Ian in his bedroom, thanked him for being a good friend and said: “I will now help and show you the way.” From that night, Ian’s psychic abilities grew very powerful and he started to really understand how different he really was.

After many years of fighting his natural abilities, Ian succumbed to his role as a gifted psychic.
His psychic career started as a guest on a show called Psychic Live Time back in the early 90s after which Ian met up with freelance journalist Alan Breeze who helped him launch his career within the psychic world.
More recently, viewers of Sky’s Living TV may be more familiar with Ian’s work on programmes such as Most Haunted, I’m Fearless and Frightened and Living with the Dead as well as Fit and Fearless for Nuts TV. He now also writes for many magazines including Prediction, which has even gained him fans in traditionally sceptic circles, who he has great respect for.

His hard man approach to the world of the paranormal has also earned him the job title of exorcist. He takes no prisoners with his hard-man looks and approach to the spirit world. He can bridge the gap within the two planes of existence to prove that life goes on after death via detailed messages of past, present and future.
An active charity fundraiser, Ian will be discussing his recent fund-raising event in which he was buried underground for seven days. For the ‘Buried Alive’ event, held in April, Ian was placed in a small coffin shaped box and buried six feet under in the grounds of the notoriously haunted and historic Dudley Castle, in the West Midlands, for seven days to raise money for the PC David Rathband’s Blue Lamp Foundation.

Courtesy of Red Moon Events, you are invited to spend an evening with psychic medium Ian Lawman on Saturday May 28 from 7.30pm to midnight. The itinerary for the evening will include a meet & greet with wine reception followed by an introduction and overview of the history of the Workhouse. This will be followed by a talk led by Ian on his TV work as a Psychic Medium/Exorcist and will include his experience during ‘Buried Alive’, complete with Q&A session.
An Edwardian style buffet will be available for participants to enjoy and then its off to participate in talks, experiments and investigations.

The Early Bird ticket price for this event is only £45 per person, available exclusively online (Standard price £55). For more information or to purchase your ticket, contact Red Moon Events at