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Paranormal Investigation At Richill Castle Dublin Day Tour

Saturday, May 1st, 2010

Ghost Bus Dublin

Exclusive Paranormal Investigation, And Haunted History Dublin tours excursion From Dublin City Centre to Richill Castle Co.Armagh – €59 – Saturday 1st May 2010


As part of our new Summer Irish Castle excursions, Hidden Dublin Walks in association with PSI (Paranormal Study And Invrstigation), invite you to join us on our exclusive one night only paranormal investigation at Richill Castle in Co.Armagh. Booking for this tour is only available online.

Meeting Point – 6pm The Brazen Head, Irelands Oldest Pub, 20 Lower Bridge Street. Please arrive 20 minutes prior to tour departure. Bus returns to Dublin (Brazen Head) at 2am

Trip Itinerary


  • Board our private Castle Express. On the journey to Richhill hear haunted tales from some of the sites,
    whether world famous or completely unknown, that we will be passing on our
    journey. We will give you an insight into the extremely superstitious
    nature of the Irish of times gone by as well as the stories of contact
    made with the other side that continue to come out of Ireland today. We
    include wonderful and weird tales such as the ghost which incited a
    lawsuit in Co. Down, why the white lady haunts the bridge at Ardgillan
    castle, the hair-raising skeleton spider of the Boyne Valley and
    visitations, warnings and messages from the other side.
  • In between stories, Learn about and watch footage from the paranormal investigations carried out by PSI Ireland (Paranormal Study And Investigation Ireland), helping prepare you for the investigation that lies ahead.
  • Arrive at Richill Castle, disembark the bus and receive your briefing from the PSI team.
  • Full steam ahead with the recorded investigation. Each person will participate fully in audio and visual experiments, and see how we get the results as shown on the BBC series.
  • Full question and answer session with the teams – all you ever wanted to ask about the paranormal. Dont forget to bring any interesting photos you may have lying at home from any other of our tours to be reviewed by an expert.
  • The Paranormal investigation will be professionally filmed on the night. Every person on the tour will receive a DVD copy of the footage via post as a souvenier.
  • Dont forget to wrap up well on the night as it can get cold inside the castle.
  • The paranormal excurison will last approximately 8 hours (inclusive of travel time to and from Northern Ireland)

PSI was first formed in 2005, as a balanced and scientific research and investigation team. The main aim of the team is to investigate, research and experiment into all claims of the paranormal, mainly into the field of ghosts/spirits and alleged haunted locations. Over the years we have been privileged to investigate many alleged haunted locations, from castles, private homes and pubs. The direction of the team has been changing over recent times, and focused on audio and visual experimentation, as this is were we have been getting most of our results.

Over the years we have been been baffled by voices turning up on our audio equipment, giving us direct answers to direct questions,and at times giving us direction as to how better the communication to the other side. We have ruled out stray radio frequencies and outside noise contamination, so are excited and inspired to experiment further into this area of research. With the team now firmly involved with new research and experimentation into direct spirit communication from a scientific angle, and leading the way with this new direction, it opened the way for PSI to be picked for the BBC’s greatest haunts TV series.

Greatest haunts
Ourselves in PSI have just completed series two for the BBC, and made groundbreaking steps forward in these areas, for the hit TV series “Northern Irelands Greatest Haunts” as seen on BBC1. On your visit to the famous Richill castle in historical Co. Armagh, you will be greeted by the team, before giving the opportunity to ask any questions on the subject of the paranormal. We will take you on a tour of Richill castle, showing you the hotspots of what some believe to be full of ghostly and paranormal activity. You will take part in some new PSI experiments and investigate this atmospheric and eerie castle. To end the evening, we will all meet back at our base station, to analyze all our visual and audio footage, in the hope that the castles residents once again come forward with a message for any visitor’s to the castle on the evening.

We can’t guarantee results, in paranormal investigation, so please don’t come with high expectations. We don’t use ouija boards, or practice any other old parlour tricks such as table tilting. We depend on audio and visual equipment only, although some may have personal experiences.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Darren Ansell – Founder and head investigator PSI